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Catch the Summer Wave: Exclusive Deals Inside! ⌛, Risk free 30 days money back guarantee on our Online orders 🧡
Catch the Summer Wave: Exclusive Deals Inside! ⌛, Risk free 30 days money back guarantee on our Online orders 🧡

Lock Food Sealing Clips - Reusable Plastic Sealer Clamp

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Colour: Blue
Type: 1pc
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The Lock Food Sealing Clips are a practical and convenient solution for sealing various types of plastic bags.

Easy to Use: The sealing clips are designed for simplicity, making it easy for users to seal plastic bags without any hassle. The straightforward design ensures a quick and efficient sealing process.

Durable Construction: These clips are crafted with durable materials, providing long-lasting performance. The sturdy construction ensures that the clips maintain their effectiveness over time, making them a reliable choice for food storage.

Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for different types of plastic bags, including food bags, milk bags, and paper bags. This versatility allows users to seal various types of bags commonly used in kitchens and households.

Preserves Food Quality: The sealing clips play a crucial role in preserving the freshness and taste of stored food. Securely sealing plastic bags, they help prevent air and moisture from entering, reducing the risk of flavour changes or spoilage in the refrigerator.

Reusable Design: One of the key advantages is the reusable nature of these clips. Users can easily open and close them multiple times, promoting sustainability and reducing the need for single-use alternatives.


Saves and Convenient: The reusable and durable nature of the sealing clips contributes to cost savings, as they eliminate the need to constantly purchase disposable sealing options. The convenience of reuse adds to the overall user-friendly experience.

In summary, the Lock Food Sealing Clips provide a practical and eco-friendly solution for sealing and preserving various types of plastic bags, making them a valuable addition to the kitchen for efficient food storage.


Category: Sealing Clip
Material: ABS+ Spring
Size: about 6.2x1.7cm
Colour: Blue, Green, Pink
Quantity: 1/3/5/pcs 

Package Includes

  • 1 x or 3 x or 5 x  Lock Food Sealing Clips 

Condition: NEW